Polini Thor 80

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Small displacement for a concentrate of technology. The Thor 80, with only 11,4 kg and a power of 18 HP, guarantees a thrust of 62Kg and an extraordinary thermal stability thanks to its cooling.

The project of the updated Polini Thor 80 was born by the precise will to match its unbelievable power and compactness features to its extraordinary weight/power ratio, as well as its thrust and upward potential.
The original air filter stands out for its modern, carbon look design, with very compact dimensions. If compared to the previous air filter, the new one reduces the noise. The filtering element has an advanced technology, to ensure maximum air cleaning features during the aspiration.
The main feature of the Thor 80 engine is the new carburetion setting, which ensures a more homogeneous and linear power output at every rpm.

The extreme care and clarification of the details characterizing the engine Polini Thor 80 start with the reduced dimensions and the absolute compactness of the engine, which only weights 11,4 kg. The liquid cooling system has been developed to ensure the maximum temperature uniformity during the flight. The radiator with very compact dimensions and the unique drawing of the air grill ensure the best cooling features. This special pipe and the radiator are integrated and fixed directly to the engine. The system has a forced cooling with a valve directly on the crankshaft. The circulation of the cooling liquid is ensured by a pump on the reduction group.


Polini Thor 80 has an aluminium cylinder, a displacement of 86cc and a power of 18 hp for 10450rpm. The barrel has a nickel-siliceous coating, extremely resistant to wear and abrasion. The light alloy gravity-cast piston at high siliceous content has 2 chromed piston rings of 1 mm. Bore for stroke 50 x 44 mm and compression ratio 14:1. The fuel system has a Polini CP carburetor Ø21mm. with manual pump for the refilling of the fuel circuit. Integrated on the engine support, it makes this function easier by keeping minimal overall dimensions. The fuel system has also a tank for the fuel recovery. This feature allows to empty the fuel from the bowl, in order not to have losses and make transport easier. As an alternative, the Walbro WG8 carburetor is available. The Thor 80 has a dry clutch, reduction ratio 3,58 with helicoidal teeth gears in oil bath. These features grant a higher safety during the pre-flight phases.