E-Props propeller PLUG-3 dia 130 cm Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus/Silent MY19/MY20/MY21/MY22 reducer 2.68 6M6d60



E-PROPS carbon propeller for paramotor, fixed pitch PLUG’n’FLY 3-blade model

Propeller designed for the engine : Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus/Silent MY19/MY20/MY21/MY22 reducer 1:2.68


Number of propeller blades : 3

Diameter : 130 cm

Drilling pattern : 6 M6 d60mm (6 screws dia 6 mm on a circle 60 mm diameter)

Central hole : diameter 25 mm

Total mass of the propeller = 660 g


SCIMITAR design : evolutive swept wing (stability and safety, noise reduction)

Configuration : propulsive

Rotation sense : Left (counterclockwise), seen in the wind made by the propeller


Model with extra-cooling


100% carbon braid : Helical Continuous Fibers

Leading edge protection with Nanostrength® shock additive

ASTM F2506-13 certified propellers


Each blade of the propeller has a unique serial number => possibility to change a single blade if necessary

Propeller delivered ready-to-install, without screws and bolts

The PLUG’n’FLY propellers are attached to the motor by screws (number and diameter of the screws according to the model) which tighten an aluminium counterplate (diameter 90 mm).