Jobe Σανίδα SUP Titan Kama 11’6”



Jobe Titan Kama 11.6 Paddle Board

As strong as titanium: The Titan Kama 11.6 is one of our 3 super SUPs of the Titan series.

The Titan series is forged of elements resulting in a ultra-strong SUP board.


The Titan Kama 11.6 can handle heavy impact has one of the highest levels of buoyancy due to a durable EPS core wrapped in a monocoque fiberglass layup. Blended together with the world’s strongest polycarbonate shell – created with vacuum molding – the Titan is engineered to handle heavy impact.


A soft and grippy full EVA – deck pad offers even more protection, so you can nail your water sport goals season after season.


These are the world strongest SUP-boards, to withstand all impacts.



Length: 11’6”.(3.5m)

Width: 31” (78.7cm)

Thickness: 5.25” (13.5cm)

Board weight: 14,7kg

Recommended rider weight: Up to 150kg

Non slip EVA foam deck allows comfortable long term paddling

Polycarbonate armour for serious shock protection

Easy connectable leash plug

Comfortable carrying handle

Rail saver to prevent scratches

Automatic air vent plug