Paratriking is an activity directing at all ages, all people, even people with special needs, as it is absolutely safe and no experience is required. The suitable equipment is given to the passengers from the experienced pilot/instructor! It is called paratriking because it includes a three-wheel vechicle(trike) with two seats which help the passenger and the pilot be comfortable and enjoy their flights. They both wear helmets wired so they can speak to each other all the time! With the powerful engine and the parachute it only takes 1 minute to get up in the air! You can admire the mountains filled with snow and at the same time you can feel the sun and the clouds on your skin, while watching the sea underneath! Undoubtedly It’s an experience worth to live!

People with special needs and disabilities wish, more than anyone, to feel this absolute sense of freedom without any restrictions! Paratrike is the safest way for this to happen as it provides comfort and pleasure at the same time! Passengers enjoy their flight in their fully equipped and stable seat and communicate with the pilot via a wireless helmet for any concerns!

    Choose date.

    Choose an alternative date in case the weather does not permit the flight.

    Select flight duration (Longer flights by arrangement)

    Select flight location

    Need a video?
    You can get the video of the flight on a SD card at the end of the experience.

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